Big Red – the Australian themed Pokie machine from Aristocrat Gaming and Leisure is one of the most popular pokies in Australia and quite possibly the world, with players in Vegas queuing for a chance to try their luck on the true blue Aussie pokies game.

This award winning game created by the renowned game developer, Aristocrat. Its name does not say much about the game’s theme, but it actually features the great outback of Australia and New Zealand. No wonder it has become a favorite of Kiwis and Australians, as it pays tribute to the beautiful landscape of these two countries. But not to be mistaken, players from other countries are drawn to this game, too, as it provides a different adrenaline rush for those engrossed in this game.

The Great Outdoors and a True Blue Soundtrack

Outback inspired, Big Red Pokies from Aristocrat uses graphics or symbols that are common in the Australian outback including deserts, kangaroos, crocodiles, dingos and snakes. It’s a game that’s visually appealing, passing on the outdoor vibe to its players.

Its design is simple and effective, similar to the majority of the pokies games with its five reels, five pay lines and three lines.  But don’t be fooled by what seems to be a simple looking design for the game is fast and action-packed. Adding to the excitement level is the unique use of background music when a player is winning. The music’s tempo increases as players continue to progress farther into the game. A win is rewarded by a huge crescendo, probably to echo the drum-like heartbeat of the excited player.

Higher Returns and Bigger Wins

Aside from the thrill of the game, what sets Big Red Aristocrat Pokies apart from other pokies games is its impressive Return to Play Rate or RTP of 97%. Needless to say, this RTP is high as compared to other games. Such possible return is enough to entice any player to keep trying and it is no wonder players are glued to this game.

enjoy big wins with big red pokies

It also has a unique feature: the gamble option. After a winning spin, players are given a choice to either continue with the spinning or opt for the “gamble,” allowing the player to gamble on his winnings. Of course, the player has the choice to go back to his base game.

The True Heart of Vegas

There is hidden meaning within the title and for those who have already been lucky enough to discover the best free online access to Aristocrat Pokies the news will come as no surprise that we have provided access to these games for you through our official Australian online pokies site for playing Aristocrat games –

Free Spins & Wild Symbols Help Increase Winnings

The symbols from the Australian wild appear frequently, and they’re not merely symbols to entertain the eyes. They are the players’ ticket to free spins. Each wild symbols appearing as part of the players ’winnings are equivalent to five free spins, which can be accumulated until the player is ready to use them.

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