What is the Heart of Vegas Coins Generator?


Who wouldn’t want to keep playing the social casino app, Heart of Vegas? Those who love this app would want to, but all of them probably have the same problem: they no longer have coins. But of course, there is a solution to any problem. For many Heart of Vegas players, their most viable solution is to find a Heart of Vegas coins generator and request whatever amount they feel like requesting…. easy right?

Well actually it is, but like most things that are easy to c ome by in life, the rewards are just as easily lost – in fact your entire account could just as easily be lost – and quite frankly that is a risk I am not willing to take.

Get Free Coins At Your Own Risk

CLick on the image below to visit the Heart of Vegas Coin Generator and you can ‘apparently’ choose however many free HOV Coins you would like and the system will generate them against the specified username (yours)…..


And when it doesn’t work and your account is now flagged (you entered it FFS!) it is only a matter of time before your legitimate account is banned and you are blocked from playing what was otherwise one of the most enjoyable free online pokies games available.

The Lure of Unlimited Coins

heart-of-vegas-free-coins-hackPromises are meant to be kept. Unfortunately, the promise of unlimited coins is unlikely to be fulfilled by some of the sites. The web is filled with sites promoting their version of Heart of Vegas Coins generator. They promise to either allow players to get as many coins as they want and some would even go as far as vowing big winnings to players.

There are sites that require players to download, and there are sites that only pushes players to click on the link.

Think Before You Click

Before players click or download pokies from the links, perhaps it would be wise to pause for a while and determine the possible consequences of using these so called coins generators. Just like with anything in life, whatever’s too good to be true, probably isn’t true. The same can be said of these Heart of Vegas coins generator download. There are ways to generate coins, but they’re not what these shady sites promote. Just because you download or click a link for the coins generator, doesn’t mean you will get your share of unlimited coins.

This is Why You Need Friends

heart-of-vegas-free-coins-means-you-need-friendsNo man is an island. And being so isolated in your social media will definitely fail to get you your much-needed Heart of Vegas coins.

Getting more friends to play Heart of Vegas is the surest way to get those badly needed coins. Friends can reward their friends with coins as long as all of them play the game when played on Facebook. That is why having many Facebook friends who share the same passion would be beneficial. And if you want more coins, leveraging on your friend’s generosity will guarantee you millions of coins. A friend can give you a gift of 50,000 coins. Just imagine the possibility of reaching some 25 million worth of coins to fund your games.

Players can also look for like-minded individuals by finding Heart of Vegas groups on Facebook. It never hurts to make new friends anyway. And making new friends in these Facebook group will surely get you more Hack of Vegas playtime.

Free Coins for Heart of Vegas Players!

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