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Can You Actually Trick Pokie Machines?

slot machine secrets - the ultimate free slots resourcePokies and slots are so interactive and engaging these days we thought that perhaps if we asked one of them directly to divulge the secrets that maybe they’d acquiesce… They didn’t 🙁

In the old days, gamblers used to spend hours and hours debating how to trick a pokie machine. For the most part, those debates yielded great fruit. In the 70s and 80s, the casino industry lost millions of dollars to seasoned gamblers employing all manner of clever cheats on slot machines. Of course, as time passed, both the casino owners and the pokie manufacturers wised up. If you tried any of the techniques we discuss below, you’re likely to end up on the receiving end of a beating at best, or a jail term at worst. Nevertheless, it’s worth contemplating the old techniques on how to trick a pokie machine, if only for historical interest.

the secrets to beating slots is inside the pokie machine

It’s obvious when you know! – My God it’s so obvious I don’t know how I missed it!

  1. Chip on a String

This was the lowest-budget and smallest-scale cheat available. You simply attached a chip to the end of a string when you placed a bet. If it was a losing round, you then yanked on the string, pulling the chip out of the machine and essentially earning yourself a free bet. Of course, this method was easy for casino staff to spot. Anyone carrying a piece of string around a casino was instantly thrown out, and this cheating technique fell into disuse.

  1. Light Wand

No this is not a form of a sabre and NO WE ARE NOT EMPLOYING THE FORCE!! … FFS.

Yoda shares his thoughts on how to win at slots

When Tommy Carmichael, one of the gambling industry’s most notorious slot scammers, put his mind to the question of how to trick a slot machine so as to be able to win more on the pokies, the light wand was the highly sophisticated result of his innovations. Essentially, Carmichael figured out that pokie machines used optical sensors to determine the number of coins that were being paid out during any win. He used a battery-powered light to “blind” the sensor so that the machine would keep spitting out coins, turning small jackpots into multi-million dollar wins. Again, as with the chip on a string tactic, the light wand was pretty damned obvious to any casino guard who cared to look, and so when the technique became commonplace casino owners were quick to crack down on it.

Of course the House will still win…

The House always wins when playing pokies and slots

But that doesn’t mean you can’t try again…

lose all your money on the pokies - its inevitable

Perhaps I should stop playing pokies and try my hand at Poker…

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  1. Cheat Codes

The best person to tell you how to trick a pokie machine is the machine’s designer, and no one knows that better than Ronald Harris, a famous Vegas scammer who began his career as a software engineer for the Nevada Gaming Commission. This occupation gave him unprecedented access to the algorithms used by the slot machines to generate reel combinations. He programmed cheat codes into every machine that passed through his grubby little paws, so that they would pay out whenever certain combinations of coins were paid into the machine.

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